Previous Teams / Champs

2016: Jan. 23rd

Give The Dodge A Bone (Champions)
Dodged and Confused
Back To The 80’s (Best Team Costume)
I.V. League
Dodging Wood
Ok Blue Jays, Let’s Dodge Balls

2015: Jan. 17th

Wes Dodgerson (Best Team Costume)
Jingle Balls
The Phantom Of The Dodgepra
Johnny In-Deppth (Champions)
Saturday Night Dodgeball
At The Movies

2014: Jan. 18th

Old Balls (Champions)
Project Mayhem
Breaking Budd (Best Team Costume)
Faster Higher Stronger Dodger
Fast Times At Dodgeball High
The Walking Dodge

2013: Jan. 19th

The Empire Dodges Back (Champions)
Dodge Of Thrones
Commedia Dodge’arte (Best Team Costume)
We Dodge From The Land Down Under
Go Big Or Go Gnome!
Dodgetown Marathoners

2012: Feb. 25th

Dodge Save The Queen (Champions)
Comic Con
Dodging Divas
Red White And Dodge
Dodgeatella Versace

2011: Feb. 12th

Bob and Dodge McKenzie (Champions)
The Fighting Amish (Best Team Costume)
Revenge of the Nerds
The Gothballs
Jersey Dodge
Chilean Miners

2010: Jan. 23rd

The Harlem Globe Dodgers (Champions)
Dodge Rams
The Blanche Devereauxs
The Highland Dodgers
So You Think You Can Dodge
Double O Dodge

2009: Jan. 17th

Send In The Clowns (Champions)
Draft Dodgers
Dodge Of The Dead
Reservoir Dodge (Best Team Costume)
The Dodge “Ballerz”
Cameron’s Cowboys

2008: Jan. 19th

Cats N’ Dodge (Champions)
Dodge Neon
The Nevernudes
Cops and Dodgers
Cameron’s Pirates (Best Team Costume)
Team Chuck Norris
Mr. Dodgers Neighborhood

2007: Jan. 20th

Mr. Dodgers Neighborhood (Champions) (Best Team Costume)
The Luchadores
Break and Enter Team (BET)
The Shogun Assassins
Cockin Balls
Dodge Vipers